Trusted Services and Products.

Reliable installations require a tailored systems approach / sound planning / equipment compatibility and network simplicity - the basic laws of yachting for all equipment.


Confidence in work done is of utmost importance for any yacht  owner -  and that is what we provide,


Hull/Deck Maintenance & Repair

A yacht always feels better when its hull, deck and even the interior is scrubbed, cleaned and treated.   

Your yacht will be happier, move faster/smoother through the water

and look mighty fine while saving money on fuel.

Marinefokus offers all hull and deck services - 

  • Aesthetic repairs/priming/painting

  • Anti-fouling

  • Anti-osmosis treatment

  • *GRP (Fibreglass) scrubbing, cleaning & polishing

  • Gelcoat - clean to stripping to recoating

  • Teak / woodwork exterior and interior

We also have one of the only Gel Planers in Croatia and we are not afraid to use it.   Interested? Call us.

*GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic

Mechanical Systems

When it's time to repair or replace engines, generators, refrigerators or air conditioning systems, Marinefokus can help. 

Re-powering a yacht isn’t always as simple as changing an engine,

so we specialize in:

  • Marine wiring, electrical & instrument installation 

  • Installation and maintaining all types of DC power distribution, charging systems, battery banks, AC shore power, generator and inverter systems.

  • Cooling (Air Conditioning) and Heating systems

  • Ice Makers

  • Plumbing/Pumps

  • Refrigerators 

  • Water Makers 

Marinefokus represents a number of  international manufacturers and we stay up-to-date with the latest products, techniques and standards.

We are here to find solutions for you and your yacht.   

Drop us a line or call us - we can help.


Mast & Rigging

There are no 24 hour services off-shore, and safety depends on reliable systems, accurate installation and strong standing/running rigging.  We get this.

Our highly skilled team can outfit, build and install running and standing rigging as well as servicing your mast.

  • From ropes, cables and chains, to shrouds and stays—and all the inbetweens (like the mast) we supply and install.

  • Running rigging, including halyards, braces, sheets and vangs - we have it.


Rigging, in particular, is put to a test every day, having to 

withstand many conditions - vibration, freezing and hot temperatures, humidity and the salty atmosphere.  You need to be sure your yacht is in a healthy condition.

We  provide reliable products, solutions and workmanship.  

 ensuring  that your boat’s rig is happy and healthy.

Call, let's chat.

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Navigation & Electronics


We have you covered from supplying quality devices to the secure installation of all your yachts instruments.

  • Auto Pilots

  • Battery chargers

  • Converters & Inverters

  • Engine controls

  • Navigational Instruments - *GPS, *A.I.S.,Radar, Compass

  • Monitoring systems (tanks, batteries, engines)

  • Remote electronics

  • Weather instruments

  • Winches & Windlasses

We are official representatives for a number of international manufactures like Garmin - Call us.

*GPS (Global Positioning System)

*AIS (Automatic Identification System




Electrical & Hydraulics

The function of a ship’s electrical distribution system is to safely move electrical power to every item of equipment connected to it. 

At Marinefokus we have the knowledge and experience to build, repair, maintain and distribute your yachts electrics, safely.

  • Batteries

  • Bow-thrusters

  • Lighting

  • Motors - electric, gasoline and diesel

  • Solar Panels

  • Steering, Starters - Safety

  • Water Makers 

  • Wind Generators

  • Winches

This list isn't all we do - so give us a call and let us know how we can help.

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Stainless Steel/Welding


We build custom stainless steel plate, mounts and tubular fitting -creating safe, functional and good looking stainless for your yacht.

  • Is it time to refit , enhance or repair  the stainless on your yacht? 

  • Has the rust taken over?

  • Need a functional stern pushpit to hold your windvane or dinghy motor or both?

  • How about a sprayhood or bimini - anchor rollers, mast pulpits?

  • Want to refit old railings or roll bars or design new ones?

  • You name it, we can make it.

We enjoy working with stainless, creating practical, yet stylish essentials, that are safe and strong, for you, your family and yacht.

No outsourcing - we have our own lathe making machine and custom build parts in house.   

Check out our photo gallery and see some of our creations.

Reach out to learn more about our services.